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Anatomy of an Art Doll

The process of an OOAK (one of a kind) art collector character doll begins with sculpting the head and placing their beautiful, glass like eyes!


Believe me when I tell you that each art doll has a mind all of its own!  As we spend time with each other, the eyes and the evolving expression on the face tell me who she or he is and the story that is asking to be told.


As an art doll character creator, I am the architect, engineer, sculptor, painter, mixed media artist, pattern maker, costume designer, seamstress, "wig" maker, storyteller and yes, art doll "mom"! 


These "little folks" range in size from 6" to 14".  Story Scene box characters are proportional to the size of their "home".  Story boxes, which contain many details, are constructed with light wood, art foam, stucco, paint and contain contents relevant to their "room" and its part in the "story"  i.e. flooring, bookcases, easels, frames, etc.. Look closely and be surprised at what you find tucked away in their little home! 

Sculpted from polymer clay, constructed and designed over many days (sometimes weeks) my dolls are articulated (their arms, legs and sometimes, depending on the "character", their head moves) and are exceptionally detailed, emotionally engaging and if you hold them close to your heart and listen closely, you may well hear the tiny tale they have to tell you.

I use only top quality material in the construction and costume making of the dolls.  


* The doll heads, with their glass-like eyes, and each individual arm and hand are sculpted from polymer clay over a wire and brass armature. 

* Each face is blushed using Genesis heat set oils.

* Hair/wigs are made of high-quality, combed sheep wool from a local source/farm 

* All my character dolls are soft-bodied, made with a strong internal armature and other construction materials.

* Most dolls are poseable (with care).  Their arms and legs are articulated (i.e. they move)

* Feet and shoes are most often sculpted with polymer clay.  Occasionally soft leather is used for creating shoes.

* Standing dolls come with a base.  Some dolls can be removed from their base (very carefully) for transport 

* Most accessories are made from polymer clay or fabric

Any questions?  Just Ask!!

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