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With a lifelong love affair with story and art, I am an artist who truly enjoys a good old fashioned story or tale and the artistry in creating unique character art dolls.


Each doll I bring to life has its roots in story and I invite you to discover the magic of mystery, enchantment and yes, even a few surprises as you view them..


Primarily self-taught, my first love is bringing my "little guys" into being. Each art day is spent lost in time doing what I love most... dancing with my imagination, working with my hands, sculpting, designing, pattern making, sewing, painting and playing with fabric. 


My work has been exhibited and sold at many prestigious Pacific Northwest art shows, and in a local gallery. Also available privately, many pieces have found a new home with private collectors.


I am a past recipient of numerous international artist awards.  I am a proud international member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild and a totally delighted  Gold Awards winner in Intermediate class with PDMAG two years in a row.

My Internet Sites

When I am not sculpting, I get to be  "den mom" to two internet sites..., is an art site that I have had for many years that houses (no pun intended!) many mixed media projects (some with instructions on how to).  It is also the home to some fun, interesting tales and stories from all parts of the world.  It is currently undergoing a very BIG renovation so please don't mind the cobwebs.  I am finding out that renovating a site takes a tremendous amount of effort and time!!


By the way, you can also catch some of my storytelling at the free, audiobook site, Libravox. ( Just do a search for my name and the delightful short tales I recorded for their "coffee break" series will come up.  It's a free service.

My stories and tale recording didn't stop with Libravox.   I released a CD with favourite tales of mine plus a tale I wrote (inspired by a sculpt I did of a steampunk black cat!!).   It was listed at CD Baby for quite some time but will be moved elsewhere in the near future.

This site you are on right now is which houses my character art dolls.  Just recently, I made the decision to give my "little people"  a home where they could "shine" all on their own.  This site will also be the home of videos I make for my new (but not public yet)  YouTube Channel, PDMAG convention videos, dollmaking and other videos I create around polymer claying.  I also teach at Curious Mondo's Polymer Clay Symposium each February.  I try and pick something fun or interesting to demo each year.  SO...  you can catch my classes there as well.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I sincerely hope this little missive has given you a snapshot of who I am and what I do!  Enjoy your visit... and please come back again soon!!

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